Review: NEWTrent IMP65W iPad 2 Screen Protector

IMP65W*NOTE* NEWTrent sent me this product free of charge.

Most of you may remember my previous review of the keyboard case I got from NEWTrent.  That case gave me solid structaral setup for my iPad 2 that offered protection for the back.  Well NEWTrent has done it again with the IMP65W which protects my screen from all sorts of marks and scratches.


As you can see from the picture, this screen cover has an integrated boarder around the edge to help retain the iconic design that apple had put in place.  It’s also good if you wanted to try and change the color of your iPad from Black to White (or vice versa).



  • This really protects your screen.  The screen protector is at least double the thickness of most other screen protectors. This will keep your iPad from suffering deep scratches.
  • Easy to install.  The thickness of this protector keeps it from bending during install.  This allows for a bubble free application as well as proper alignment.
  • Smudge resistant finish.  The material that the screen is made of does not show fingerprints and smudges as easily as the factor screen.
  • No loss of sensitivity.  The iPad responds just as well as if there was no protector in place (even with light touches).



  • Matte finish.  This may be a subject of some debate, but to me, I liked the clear glossy finish that other screen protectors have.  This finish does change the display properties of the screen because it does cause some speckling and uneven color fill.


All in all this is a very durable screen protector.  Combining this with an OtterBox case will get you a highly durable iPad that will stand up to most anything you can throw at it!