Introducing VNX FILE OE 7.1 & BLOCK OE 05.32

EMC-VNXIts here! It’s finally here!  Today marks the general availability of the first release in a new line of VNX code.  Many of you may remember my preview posts on what can be found in this latest version (found here and here). Now you can take it for a spin and try out these new features and changes.


As of today, you can browse to the VNX Product Support Page or use the Unisphere Service Manager (USM) tool (which has been upgraded to version to download VNX FILE OE and VNX BLOCK OE  Again to highlight some of the changes you will see:

  • New “Flash First” data aging policy for tiering
  • Mixed raid levels for storage pools
  • Enhanced block snapshots
  • Windows Branch Cache support for CIFS
  • Simplified Unisphere LDAP configuration (see my note here)
  • FLR upgrades and enhancements

There are more changes under the hood than I could possibly list here, but a full set of release notes and documentation can be found on the VNX Product Support Page as well as the GA announcement that I posted on ECN.


Well what are you waiting for?  Go out and upgrade (remember that this is an out of family upgrade) and start enjoying the latest and greatest in unified storage and let me know what you think of it in the comments below!

New code to make your VNX better!

bugfixTo state it right off the bat, this code does not include the features I talked about here and here but this is still a very important update.  Yesterday marked the release of the latest update to the VNX with the general availability of VNX OE File and OE Block (both of which are available on the VNX product support page or by using the Unisphere Service Manager (USM) tool.


So you may be asking yourself, if this doesn’t come with all those cool features Sean talked about last week, why should I bother upgrading?  Well I’m glad you asked that question.  In addition to the many bug fixes incorporated in this service pack, this release contains 3 very important updates.


The first is support for the latest VMAX Enginuity code version 5876.82.57 that was released recently as well.  The 2nd enhancement covers those using iSCSI.  Anyone actively using iSCSI on their VNX should read ETA emc291837.  The 3rd and final fix eliminate the erroneous over temperature alerts that were reporting on some power supplies that was previously covered in Primus emc278973.


As with all new code releases, I encourage everyone to upgrade as soon as possible and to not fall too far behind the latest code levels.  I have started a discussion here on ECN incase you have questions about this release and the fixes contained within.